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Our Aged Pecorino Sardo PDO, safeguarded by the Protected Designation of Origin and produced according to strict rules, only with whole milk of Sardinian pastures. It is a semi-cooked cheese that matures for at least 4 months, typical of the Sardinian dairy tradition. The rind is smooth, intense yellow-coloured, treated on the surface with olive oil; the paste is compact, more or less hard depending on the maturing and straw yellow-coloured. The flavour is intense, rich and complex, accentuated by maturing.

It is a savoury cheese, with a marked taste, which perfectly accompanies a red wine of character, matured cured meats and homemade bread. Grated, it gives an unmistakable flavour to pasta and soups. It is delicious in typical Sardinian dishes such as Pane Frattau, or in all recipes where a cheese au gratin with an intense flavour is needed.


Pasteurized sheep milk (99%),
salt (n.q. salted by wet way),
rennet (0.5%),
lactic ferments (0.5%).
Treated on the surface with olive oil

Store in the refrigerator

or in any case in a cool place (around 4-6° C)


Average values ​​for 100 g of product

Energy 1662 KJ
Fats 400 Kcal
32 g
of which saturated fatty acids 18,2 g
Carbohydrates 0,1 g
of which sugars 0,1 g
Proteins 28 g
Salt 2 g

Question and Answers

How was Pecorino Sardo born?

Pecorino Sardo is one of the oldest cheeses of the Sardinian tradition and it has a long history that has its roots at the time of the Nuragic population. The first records date back at the end of the eighteenth century. In that period, pecorino was obtained from raw milk or from milk heated with red-hot stones. Over time the techniques have been perfected and the secrets of tradition have fused with innovative processing techniques.

How is Pecorino Sardo made?

Sardinian Pecorino is produced exclusively with milk from Sardinian farms. Milk can be processed raw, thermized or pasteurized. The milk is then coagulated with calf rennet at 35-38 ° C for 35-40 minutes. Once the curd has been obtained, th curd is then broken to obtein lumps.

Which are typical Sardinian cheeses?

Typical Sardinian cheeses are: Pecorino Sardo PDO, Fiore Sardo PDO, Pecorino Romano PDO, soft and aged sheep's milk cheeses and fresh or aged sheep's milk ricotta cheeses.

How long is Pecorino Sardo aged?

Pecorino Sardo Maturo PDO matures at least 4 months, Pecorino Sardo Dolce PDO matures at least 20 days.

How long is Pecorino Sardo aged?

The maturation of Sardinian Pecorino depending on the type. Mild Pecorino Sardo PDO matures at least 20/25 days, while, Matured Pecorino Sardo PDO matures at least 60 days.

What is the difference between Pecorino Romano DOP and Pecorino Sardo DOP?

There are many differences between Pecorino Romano Dop and Pecorino Sardo Dop. First of all, Pecorino Romano PDO must be produced with milk coming from Sardinia region, Lazio region and the province of Grosseto in Tuscany; Pecorino Sardo DOP must be produced exclusively with Sardinian milk, respecting the tradition.
Pecorino Romano PDO is an aged cheese, Pecorino Sardo PDO can be produced both in the mature versione and in the mild version (it is a younger "cacciotta").
Pecorino Romano PDO, unlike Pecorino Sardo PDO, has a much longer maturation:
Pecorino Romano PDO aging goes from 5 months for the cheese table, up to about 8 months for the suitable for grating; Pecorino Sardo Maturo PDO needs maturing at least 60 days and Pecorino Sardo DOlce PDO needs maturing at least 20 days.
The shape of Pecorino Romano PDO is large, cylindrical with white paste; while the shape of Pecorino Sardo Maturo PDO is smaller, it weighs around 3 kg, it has a darker paste and its surface is treated with olive oil; the shape of Pecorino Sardo Dolce PDO has a withe paste and the whole wheel is even smaller, the wheel weighs around 1,5kg.
In cooking Pecorino Romano PDO is mostly used as seasoning, as grated cheese on pasta dishes. Also Pecorino Sardo Maturo PDO cheese thanks to its aging of at least 60 days can be used as seasoning, grated on tasty pasta dishes.

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