The pecorino cheeses of our tradition, produced with love and care, following the strict rules of the Protected Designation of Origin

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The special taste of goat cheeses in many delicious proposals, from the freshest, to the small caciottas, up to the most matured and tasty cheeses.

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Every peculiarity and every characteristic of a cheese starts from the milk with which it is produced. Our cheeses are born only from the milk of the sheep or goats flocks of Sardinia, and this origin can be found in their taste. So, pecorino cheeses have a typical, rich and multifaceted taste. In the fresh ones you can feel the taste of milk, in the ripe ones the intense and decisive flavour of the maturing. Goat cheeses are unique, with a very particular delicacy. It is born from the life and nutrition of goats, which look for their pasture even in the harshest lands and know how to go everywhere to look for the most aromatic herbs.