Here you can find all Pinna’s cheeses. Every type and every unique and special flavour that comes from sheep milk and from pastures of Sardinia.

Bianco Sardo

Sheep | Fresh | Salted

Fresh Sheep Ricotta

Fresh | Delicate | Creamy

Fresh Goat Ricotta

Fresh | Compact | Creamy

Lactose-Free Brigante

Sheep | Fresh | Digestible


Sheep | Fresh | Mild

Aged Truffle Pecorino

Matured | Intense | Truffle-flavoured


Fresh | Mild | Soft

Capra Sarda

Matured | Tasty | Compact

Regno di Sardegna

Sheep | Matured | Canestrato

Unico Sardo

Sheep | Matured | Semi-hard

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Here you can find all our products, cheeses and ricottas made from sheep milk and goat milk. They all come from the milk of Sardinian pastures, and from the great dairy tradition of our island. Some of our cheeses have millennia of history, others are our creations: new interpretations of an ancient wisdom. Cheeses, such as bread, wine and the simplest and most precious foods, can be prepared in a thousand different ways. By varying the preparation and the maturing, the same milk is transformed into something totally different. This is how very fresh and delicate cheeses and others with a strong, even spicy flavour are born. Velvety, soft and sweet ricottas and other matured, very tasty ricottas are born. It is a whole world of flavours, which comes from a small island and a great wisdom.