P14 ricotta-pecora-fresca-lunga-conservazione

Traditional Fresh Sheep Ricotta

Fresh | Delicate | Creamy

Our fresh sheep ricotta, "fished by hand" according to tradition, can be tasted already a few hours after preparation, it has a truncated cone shape of about 1.5 kg and a basket-like surface. It is made from sheep milk whey and sheep milk, both of Sardinian pastures. It is pure white, it has an intense milky scent, a creamy and velvety consistency.

The flavour is sweet, very fresh and refined, yet intense and complex.
It is ideal for a healthy and tasty breakfast or snack. As a dessert, it is delicious to be enjoyed with a spoon, with a drizzle of Sardinian honey or with chocolate flakes and a dusting of cocoa. In cuisine it is a special ingredient for a thousand recipes.


Sheep milk whey,
sheep milk

Store in the refrigerator at 0°/+4°C


Average values ​​for 100 g of product

Energy 728 KJ
175 Kcal
Fats 13 g
of which saturated fatty acids 7 g
Carbohydrates 4,5 g
of which sugars 4,5 g
Proteins 10 g
Salt 0 g

Question and Answers

What does sheep ricotta contain?

Fresh sheep ricotta of Pinna Formmaggi contains sheep's milk whey and
sheep's milk cream, 100% Sardinian product.

What is sheep cheese good for?

Fresh Sheep Ricotta is good for the whole organism thanks to its contribution of mineral salts, calcium, selenium, phosphorus and zinc, and that of vitamins, especially Vitanine A, B2 and B12.

What is the difference between sheep ricotta and goat ricotta?

The substantial difference between sheep Ricotta and goat Ricotta, in addition to the raw material, it's their flavor. Fresh sheep milk ricotta has a sweet and gentle flavor, goat milk ricotta has a flavour marked and intense. The consistency, on the other hand, is creamy for both.

Which Ricotta can be eaten on a diet?

If we bear in mind just nutritional values cow's milk ricotta is always recommended for a diet. However, it is true that Goat Ricotta, for example, is more substantial, it means that a smaller portion could be enough to satisfy our palate and, consequently you would still eat less calories and fat.
Discover Goat Ricotta: https://www.pinnaformaggi.it/it/prodotti/ricotta-fresca-di-capra-a-lunga-conservazione/

How many sugars does ricotta contain?

Sheep ricotta usually contains around 5 grams of sugar. Goat ricotta, on the other hand, contains about 4 grams of sugars.

What kind of ricotta is used for desserts?

For desserts, sheep's milk ricotta is usually preferred, because it gives a more creamy and authentic flavor. For traditional recipies in many Italian regions in fact, is very important the use of sheep's milk riotta. Just think to Neapolitan pastiera, Sicilian cannoli, calzone with ricotta made in Puglia or Sardinian pardulas.

Which is the lightest ricotta?

The lightest ricotta is made from cow's milk. But despite what we think, sheep's milk ricotta has a high digestibility, with values very close to cow's milk ricotta. Both are in fact rich in proteins (in particular sheep milk ricotta), calcium and phosphorus and provide a good content of vitamins A and B12.

Sbriciolata di-ricotta-e-cioccolato

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