The special taste of goat cheeses in many delicious proposals, from the freshest, to the small caciottas, up to the most matured and tasty cheeses.

Fresh Goat Ricotta

Fresh | Compact | Creamy


Fresh | Mild | Soft

Capra Sarda

Matured | Tasty | Compact

GOAT CHEESES The flavour of goat cheeses is unique and special. Our goat cheeses are produced from the milk of Sardinian flocks, and have all the scent of the aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean nature. Among our goat cheeses you can find fresh cheeses, which have the delicacy of a short and careful aging. You can find small caciottas, perfect to be brought whole to the table and to be sliced ​​on the spot to release their intact scent. Finally, you can find the most matured and ripe cheeses, with a fuller and more complex flavour. All are flavourful and very tasty, perfect for a snack, to complete a cheese platter or to try new and surprising recipes.