The pecorino cheeses of our tradition, produced with love and care, following the strict rules of the Protected Designation of Origin

PECORINO CHEESES PDO The PDO, protected designation of origin, is a pride and a commitment for those who give birth to traditional products. It imposes to produce with strict rules, dictating the procedures point by point and ties the products that it protects to their territory. Among our cheeses you can find three PDO, treasures of Sardinia and of Italian gastronomy, produced only with sheep milk of Sardinian flocks. Pecorino Romano has millennia of history: it is produced only in Sardinia, in Lazio and in the province of Grosseto. Pecorino Sardo is protected in its two versions, sweet and ripe depending on the maturing. Fiore Sardo is a real cheese for connoisseurs, produced only from raw sheep milk with an age-old process, it preserves all the nuances of milk flavour intact.