Only from Sardinian milk, an incredible and wonderful variety of cheeses that differ in taste, texture and maturing.

P13 ricotta-fresca-pecora

Fresh Sheep Ricotta

Fresh | Delicate | Creamy
P23 pecorino-stagionato-al-tartufo

Aged Truffle Pecorino

Matured | Intense | Truffle-flavoured
P21 regno-di-sardegna-al-tartufo

Regno di Sardegna with Truffles

Sheep | Matured | Truffle-flavoured
P3 brigante-senza-lattosio

Lactose-Free Brigante

Sheep | Fresh | Digestible
P2 brigante-classico


Sheep | Fresh | Mild
P27 biancosardo

Bianco Sardo

Sheep | Fresh | Salted
P20 regno-di-sardegna

Regno di Sardegna

Sheep | Matured | Canestrato
P26b pecorino-unico-min-min

Unico Sardo

Sheep | Matured | Semi-hard

PECORINO CHEESES Our pecorino cheeses are made only from sheep milk from Sardinian flocks. They are many and different in taste, consistency and maturing. The young ones mature for a few days and thus have a fresh and delicate taste, a fresh and light, creamy paste that melts in the mouth. Ripe pecorino cheeses such as Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Sardo Maturo, Fiore Sardo or our Gran Pecorino Riserva are aged for a long time to become tasty and precious. They have different tastes but always rich and complex, a consistency that allows them to be grated to make many recipes special and a full and appetizing aroma. They are together the products of an age-old tradition and of a wonderful gastronomy.