Here are all our lactose-free products. We want everyone to be able to taste the unique flavours of our cheeses, ricottas and creams.

LACTOSE-FREE LINE We want everyone to be able to taste our cheeses, our ricottas and creams. This is why we have created lactose-free versions of our most loved and most popular products. Our lactose-free cheeses and ricottas are made only from Sardinian milk, and from the great tradition of our island. In fresh cheeses, such as Brigante and ricottas, lactose is transformed, thanks to the addition of an enzyme (lactase), into other more easily digestible sugars (glucose and galactose). It is a process that leaves aromas and flavours intact. In this way our lactose-free cheeses, ricottas and creams have the unique taste of sheep or goat milk from the Sardinian pastures. However, some of our more aged cheeses, such as Gran Pecorino Riserva, are naturally lactose-free: it is the aging, which lasts many months, which makes this substance disappear, gradually transforming it into other sugars.