Made from sheep or goat milk. From the very fresh ones with a delicate taste to the tasty and surprising ones: salted, smoked or matured.

RICOTTAS AND CREAMS LINE From sheep or goat milk from Sardinian pastures, many delicious ricottas differ in taste, processing and maturing. Sheep and goat milk give a very special richness of taste, with a velvety and delicious texture. In this manner our fresh ricottas can be the ingredients for so many tasty dishes and traditional desserts, and a drizzle of honey or chocolate is enough to make them wonderful desserts. But among our ricottas you will find other salted, matured or smoked ones, with a rich and full-bodied flavour, a perfect consistency for the grater. They are very tasty, fragrant, solid. They can make a salad or a first course special or simply accompany homemade bread and baked goods with an ancient elegance.