Cheeses matured with time, care and attention. They have rich and decisive flavours, intense and complex aromas.

AGED CHEESES Our aged cheeses are born from the milk of Sardinian pastures and from the millenary tradition of our island. They mature for months and months until they reach the perfect consistency. They have strong, rich and complex flavours, with spicy notes. Among them you can find those protected by the PDO, such as Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Sardo Maturo and Fiore Sardo produced with raw milk. You can find our Gran Pecorino Riserva, aged for months and months. They are cheeses to be enjoyed without haste. They can accompany and enhance the most important red wines, make a first course special, surprisingly enrich a salad or give an unmistakable touch to a platter of cold cuts for an aperitif. They are also wonderful alone or with Sardinian bread in the simplest, most precious and ancient meal.